Ounces For $90 – Lemon Kush Strain


Cheap Ounces $90 – Lemon Kush Strain


Average THC: 13.70% – 18.50%

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This is as is, part of budget ounce deals of High-Key Medical Cannabis Dispensary



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Cheap Ounces $90 – Lemon Kush Strain 

Lemon Kush, this bad boy was cross bred by blending, Afghani Kush and Lemon G together.  These two amazing strains both have an extremely dank background.

Our Lemon Kush strain has a great rich lemon, citrus notes, followed by a hint herbal kush smell.  The buds of the flowers are on the dryer side, but it’s sticky as F.  Once you push them into your grinder, you’ll definitely feel a little friction while you grind them in your grinder.  Once the flowers nicely busted up, you’ll get this nice smooth lemon scent, just pouring out.  Smell a little longer, you’ll find a nice musky, earthy tone hiding in the back.

Now, if you’re a pro, or a novice, or a beginner, it won’t matter.  The smoke of this strain is really smooth going in, but it’ll give you a good cough while you exhale.  If you only exhale through your mouth, try to exhale this through the nose, so you can get the full scent of the tangy and citrus diesel flavors.  It’s really, a unique blend.

As you sit and wait, your eyes will feel it first, your eye’s will feel a little heavy, your body will then slowly relax itself.  As you sit, your mind drifts, you’ll notice a creative side in your that might want to come out.  So, don’t be afraid to whip out a notepad, or do some doodling on some paper.  The high is great to sit back to great tunes of your choice, let your inner pop song diva come out.

This strain is a great smoke to let yourself out.

The Lemon Kush strain is known to help people with a loss of appetite, and for those that are have chronic pain.  Great for creativity, euphoria, and for those that may be battling depression.

Enjoy High-Keys Cheap Ounces $90 deal, it’ll only be available for a limited of time.

We do scan all our batch with GemmaCert.  Don’t be afraid to click on the link and check them out.


This is as is, part of budget ounce deals of High-Key Medical Cannabis Dispensary


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