FPO. – Sherbert Pie Premium Rosin


FPO. – Sherbert Pie Premium Rosin

Sherbert Pie

A cross between Sunset Sherbert and Cherry pie is sure to be flavourful and delicious. Aromas are sweet nutty and fruity. Indica dominant strain will give you the calming relaxation, excellent remedy for stress, and physical discomfort. A smidge of euphoria to keep you off the couch-lock state so you wind down after a long day at work in the middle of the week just fine.

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FPO. – Sherbert Pie Premium Rosin


FPO stands for First Press Only.

Creating fine quality extracts with the intention of quality over quantity. We pride ourselves in crafting small batches at maximum yield, using specific pressure, heat, and time to produce smooth viscous Rosin. We perfect our technique specific to each fine strain’s uniqueness, and we don’t release the batches unless we are 100% satisfied. FPO evolves and experiments with different techniques to perfect our art in extraction so that you experience what we experience.

Why we love Rosin:

High potency concentrates such as THCa Crystals, live-diamonds, THC distillate gives you the high peak experience at each Dab. The High is clean, and short and can leave you wanting more and also quickens the tolerance you build on THC.

Shatter/live-resin/budder/wax/hash are composed of solvent extractions often with butane, which make them more dangerous in the extraction process. The residue and leftover solvents can also contaminate the finished product, affecting its’ flavour and quality.

FPO Rosin is 100% Solvent free, only high pressure, and heat extraction from premium flower, retaining all the flavour, aroma, and terpenes from the original bud. The full spectrum extraction from the bud makes it a great choice for both medicinal and recreational use.

Coast Pen Flavors

Blue Raspberry, Blueberry, Green Crack, Pineapple Express


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